Crazy diver

Dive into the ocean and explore a majestic wreckage! Get out of water at an amazing speed and reach the stars!

Crazy diver is a game created by @davix1228 y @rukbotto during the 29th edition of Ludum Dare game-making competition.

How to play?

  • G key to splash down
  • Q key to get afloat
  • E key to dive in
  • UP key to propel the diver forward
  • LEFT key to turn counter-clockwise
  • RIGHT key to turn clockwise

Known bugs

  • It’s difficult to control the diver movements
  • There are rendering glitches when the diver explores the wreckage
  • It’s possible to make the diver spin at an amazing and unrealistic speed
  • It’s possible to rocket the diver to space and beyond!