You are a lonely creature wandering inside a dark labyrinth. The goal is to get out of three consecutive mazes, each one more difficult than the last. Good luck!

Title is a prototype created by @davix1228 and @rukbotto for the 26th edition of Ludum Dare game-making competition.

How to play?

At the begining, the only way to guide the creature is by hitting the walls. Sometimes you’ll hear a bell ringing. This is the sound of a flashlight on the floor. Pick it up to light your way out the labyrinth.

  • LEFT, RIGHT, UP and DOWN keys for moving the character.
  • SPACE key for picking up and activate the flashlights.

Known bugs

  • Sometimes the game screens take a lot of time to load.
  • Sometimes the mazes will be generated with no exit.
  • Sometimes the labyrinth is so big you’ll never get out of it.
  • The flashlights have no texture. A green square is what you’ll see on the lower left corner of the screen.