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Ludum Dare #29 postmortem: Crazy Diver

A game about a crazy diver

The 29th edition of the game-making competition Ludum Dare ended yesterday not very well for us. My brother @davix1228 and I couldn’t deliver an acceptable game within the 72 hours deadline. The theme was: Below the surface.

Instead, we only managed to create a very basic prototype full of errors. But despite the result, I can say I’m very satisfied with the result we got with graphics and all the new things we learned.

Ludum Dare #28 postmortem: Defuser

A game about catching falling letters

I’m late again writing the last Ludum Dare’s postmortem. The theme was You Only Get One and my brother and I decided to make a game in which you have to deactivate a bomb by composing words in a little screen. We called it Defuser.

The goal is to form the word displayed at the top of screen, before the time runs out, by catching the falling letters.

Ludum Dare #26 postmortem: Title

A game about escaping from a labyrinth

Exactly one week ago, the 26th edition of Ludum Dare game-making competition was coming to an end. This is the postmortem from the prototype I finally made. Its name… Title.

Why that name? The answer is simple. The submission day I was running against the clock (as usual), the time was over and I couldn’t choose a proper name. That’s how the placeholder name you put when creating the start screen becomes the game’s title! :D.