Ludum Dare #28 postmortem: Defuser

A game about catching falling letters

I’m late again writing the last Ludum Dare’s postmortem. The theme was You Only Get One and my brother and I decided to make a game in which you have to deactivate a bomb by composing words in a little screen. We called it Defuser.

The goal is to form the word displayed at the top of screen, before the time runs out, by catching the falling letters.

The player can erase the letters she doesn’t need but it’s important to capture all falling letters. If just one of them pass through, the game is over. Letters will fall faster after each word is completed.

All of this sounds cool, but where are those pills of wisdom from that participation?

The good

A game about catching falling letters

In first place, the game idea popped up really fast. On Friday’s night we were already working on the clock’s sprite. Plus, the creativity muse answered our calling so it was possible to create more detailed, better quality sprites compared to those from other participations.

The coding also went really smooth in part because we were already used to the development environment (programming language, frameworks, code editors). As a result, we didn’t have any deadline issues. We still had a couple spare hours when we submitted the game.

The bad

The most horrible thing for people who played the game were the sound effects. They were really annoying! Fortunately we are testing a new application for creating music and sound effects called SunVox that I’m sure it will help us get better in that topic. In fact, the music you’ll hear when playing the timelapse video was created using that same application.

I’m also a bit dissapointed with the start screen’s look and feel. I think we could have created a better font and background.

Finally, as usual, we have a development timelapse video for y’all. Please enjoy it! You can play the game here.