Getting ready for Ludum Dare #25

Ludum dare 25

Tomorrow I’ll be participating with @davix1228 in a game-making competition called Ludum Dare. Currently, there are two competition modes: the Jam and the regular mode. In the Jam mode, the goal is create a video game in 72 hours, working alone or in teams. In the regular competition mode, the goal is to create a game in 48 hours working alone, completely alone.

So… we’re gonna participate in the Jam! We know absolutely nothing about creating video games, so it is unlikely to finish something playable in 72 hours. If you are interested to see our progress, we’ll transmit the whole process, on live, at my channel. I’ll also be publishing regular updates here, and after the competition, some few tutorials.

For now I’ll share the tools that we’re going to use: