Minimalism is the Ludum Dare #26 theme

Ludum Dare 26 workspace

Eighteen minutes ago, the Ludum Dare’s theme for its 26th edition was announced. The theme is Minimalism and during this short period many people have already expressed their dissapointment in the IRC channel and on the competition’s website.

In my opinion I think it’s a good theme. The game can be practically about anything as long as you keep it simple in art, sound effects and or gameplay. I think there’s a lot of possibilities to explore, you just have to let your imagination to take over.

I have tonight to come up with the game idea. On Saturday morning I’ll focus to code the inner workings and Sunday will be dedicated to artwork and sound effects. If all goes well, this could be my first participation in the 48 hour competition. If progress goes to hell, I have until Monday to finish it and send it respecting the 72 hour deadline.

The game we did in the last edition had no sound effects at all, so it’s a challenge to finish this one at 100%, and this is best theme of all to meet that objective.

At the beginning of the article, a picture of my workspace for this weekend. A little minimalist, by the way.