Ludum Dare #26 is almost here

Ludum dare 26

On Friday, April 26, 2013 at 2 pm COT (7 pm UTC) the 26th edition of Ludum Dare game-making competition will begin. An event that brings together thousands of people around the world with the sole purpose of creating a video game on a weekend.

Update: Competition will begin at 9 pm COT (2 am UTC Saturday).

I’ll participating again with @davix1228 and we’re awaiting the theme announcement to define what kind of game is going to be created. At the time of this writing, four rounds of theme voting had been completed and there’s just one round to go.

These are the top voted themes per round:

  1. After life
  2. Minimalism
  3. Creation and destruction
  4. Death is good

Our toolbox is as follows:

As in the previous edition, we will use Haxepunk + NME as the development frameworks.

If you want to see how we create a game in a weekend, on live, you can visit my channel.

Here is a timelapse from the Ludum Dare’s last edition, the number 25th (You can play the game here):